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Lucky Teghan

My name is Teghan but have been LUCKY since Halo CE and I’m a 30yo new Dad I LOVE HALO! I have been playing and collecting Halo Since 2001 non stop I’m a true diehard Halo fan and always will be! Come say hi and give me a follow if u like what you see. I’ll help you get better just ask for help!


Your run of the mill Halo player just flying through everything and hoping to do decent. If you’re looking for a chill stream to just watch, ask questions, or even small talk I’m your man!


Hi I am Plaz. My goal here is to bring you quality streams of Halo Swat and various titles.


Gamer / streamer


Hi I’m Lela. I like to draw, code and I mostly only play Halo.

Steven Garrett

You know what it is.


Streamer, Likes Toes


Hiya! It’s me!